FAQ's for Landlords

Being a Landlord these days can seem a daunting prospect. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that Landlords ask us. Don't forget though, if you would like to discuss anything at all please give us a call, for free on 0800 840 9644

Landlords FAQ's

What happens when my property is ready to let?

We will do everything to make sure things run as smoothly as possible giving you all the advice you need to prepare your property for new tenants. We can help with cleaning and any maintenance issues. Remember you will need to cancel your telephone/broadband account and make sure your post is forwarded. We will take meter readings just before the new tenants move in and inform the utility companies. We will also inform the local authority regarding council tax liability.

Should I let my property furnished or unfurnished?

You can let your property furnished, part furnished or unfurnished depending on your circumstances. Most properties these days are let unfurnished but with appliances such as cooker, washing machine and fridge/freezer supplied by the Landlord. Do remember though that whatever is included in the property must be maintained by the Landlord unless it is agreed with the tenant not to.

Can I leave personal belongings at my property?

You should avoid leaving anything valuable or personal in the property. Don't leave that antique clock that Grandfather left you in his will!

What appliances will I need to leave?

Although you are not obliged to leave any appliances it does make properties more lettable. We would advise cooker or hob and oven, washing machine and fridge/freezer as preferable. If the property has a dish washer and tumble dryer - so much the better.

Will you advise me about how to get my property ready to let?

Yes, we will give you plenty of advice about the condition of your property and any necessary work that needs to be undertaken.

Will I need to have my property professionally cleaned?

All properties need to be in a good, clean and lettable condition before we do our inventory shortly before the beginning of each tenancy. Whilst it is not essential to have your property proffessionally cleaned we strongly advise you to do so. Cleaning is a very subjective and emotive issue so using proffessional cleaners can often make things that much easier.

Should I allow pets?

Allowing pets into your property is entirely your decision. If you do decide to allow pets we require a 2 month deposit instead of the usual 1 1/2 months. Our tenancy agreement also insists that the tenant has all carpets proffessionally cleaned and treated for any pest infestation.

What certificates do I need

If your property has any gas appliances you will need to have an annual Gas Safety Certificate carried out by a certified Gas Safe Engineer. This is a legal requirement and Landlords can face criminal charges if they fail to have one. Although you do not need to have an electrical safety check by law, we strongly reccommend that you do as you have a duty of care to your tenants to ensure that your property is safe to live in. Any furniture that you leave must adhere to the latest fire and safety regulations. If in doubt please just ask, we're here to help.


More FAQ's for landlords

What about insurance?

At the very least you will need to obtain buildings insurance for your property. Don't forget to tell them that you will be letting your property. We can also provide you with information regarding specialist Landlord's insurance from Homelet that can protect you from some of the perils you could face as a landlord. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and a no obligation quotation.

How is my rent paid?

We collect rents on the 1st of every month by standing order. We will account to you monthly and send you an itemised Landlords Invoice/Statement, which will detail your rent less any agreed deductions (for repairs etc.) and our fees. Payment will be made by bank transfer into your chosen bank account. Don't forget you will be able to track all your financial information using our new Landlord's Dashboard

Can you guarantee my rent?

As part of our service we give you free rent guarantee for the 1st six months of your tenancy. This means that even if your tenants circumstances unexpectedly change you will still receive your renatal income. We highly recommend that you continue this valuable cover to ensure that your income is protected. You will also be coverd for legal expenses in the unlikely event that you need to repossess your property. Please ask for further information.

What do you do when the tenants move in?

The inventory and schedule of condition will be signed by your tenant. We will inform the local authority that new tenants are taking occupation and utility meter readings are recorded. The tenant's deposit will be registered with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) 

Are tenants responsible for the bills?

The tenants will be responsible for paying utility bills, council tax and other services such as BT and Sky. You will be responsible if there are any periods between tenancies and we will ensure that we have start and end meter readings so that you pay only what you owe.

Who takes care of my property?

Taking care of your property is our highest priority. We will carry out routine inspections regularly during tenancies and report our findings to you. We will let you know about any work that we feel is necessary in order to maintain the property and we will liaise with the tenants if we have any issues with their conduct. When a tenant reports a problem we will notify you immediately and will advise you on the best course of action.

What happens at the end of the tenancy agreement?

We will ask you if you would like to re-let to the current tenant and advise on current market conditions. We will talk to the tenants to see if they would like to renew their tenancy and on what basis. If the tenants have decided to leave we will, with your permission, market the property and find you new tenants.