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Our premium service. We market your property. We find you a great tenant. We prepare all the legal documents. We collect the rent and account to you monthly. We look after repairs and maintenance. We regularly inspect your property. You have access to our Landlord Dashboard

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Get me started £200+VAT £200+VAT
Keep me going £0 £50+VAT
Get me a tenant 50%+VAT 0%
Monthly fee 0% 7%+VAT

Let & Manage - Our premium service with your rent guaranteed for free

If you want to let your property but don't want the headache of dealing with tenants and the daily managing of your property, this is the service for you. Our aim is to make your life as easy as possible, whilst allowing you to know exactly what is happening 24/7, wherever you are. Our innovative Landlord Dashboard allows you to do just that. You can check your rent statement, your legal documents, the status of your repairs and change your details. Why use an Agent that doesn't give you this valuable tool?

Our Premium Service in detail

Full management means exactly what it says; we will do everything for you.

At your convenience we will visit the property, offer suggestions on how best to present the property and what sort of rent you are likely to achieve. You will be advised regarding all current legislation and compliance. If you are a non resident UK Landlord we will supply you with relevant information relating to overseas Landlords tax implications.

Once instructed, we write up the details of the property, take lots of quality photographs and create a floor plan. We then use a combination of marketing tools to ensure the property reaches as many prospective tenants as possible as quickly as possible. Marketing includes our own web site, Rightmove and advertising in the local press where appropriate.

We will then set about matching your property to the requirements of our database of applicants, selecting the best quality tenant/s possible. We will accompany applicants on all viewings and we would request that you furnish us with keys to all doors so that we can ensure the property is viewed at its full potential. If you are resident in the property we will of course always pre-arrange the appointment with you.

Once we have secured a tenant we then fully reference them and report back to you. A full inventory will be taken of the property together with a photographic record, an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Contract will be drawn up for the period agreed, usually 6 or 12 months. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of selecting the right tenant. It is key to the success of the letting that the highest quality tenant is found and this is something that we take very seriously.

Deposits will be taken (usually equivalent one and a half months rent) together with the first month's rent, the Assured Shorthold Contract will be signed and the inventory signed off by the tenant/s. The deposit will be registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, as required by law. We will then organise collecting of the rent and will prepare a monthly statement for you.

The property will be inspected around every 3 months throughout the duration of the tenancy and we will write to you to confirm this. We will take your instructions regarding repairs and maintenance throughout the tenancy and oversee the completion of any works undertaken. At the end of the tenancy we will carry out a full and final inspection, checking against the inventory and overseeing any issues needing attention in order to satisfy the inventory and organise the return of the tenant's deposit.

Our fees

We have made our fees as simple as possible and very competetive.

"Get Me Started" This is the initial fee to cover all aspects of our marketing including posting on internet property portals including Rightmove and traditional print advertising where appropriate. This fee is payable each time we have to market your property to find new tenants and again will be deducted along with our management fee once we have started to collect rent from you new tenant.

"Get Me a Tenant". With Let & Manage this part of the service is built into our monthly management fee and covers all our work to find you a tenant. It includes all the costs of the legal documentation and tenant references. That's it, there's nothing else to pay until the tenant has moved into your property and we begin collecting rent. Don't forget there is nothing to pay up front unless you purchase one of our optional services like an EPC. All fees are deducted from the 1st months rent with a No Let No Fee Guarantee.

"Keep Me Going". This fee is payable if you agree to allow a tenant to stay at your property for another fixed term tenancy, which will always be for a minimum of 6 months.

"Monthly Fee". This is our monthly charge to cover the cost of managing your property. This includes collecting your rent and accounting to you every month, helping your tenant with any difficulties they may have, dealing with repair & mantenance issues at the property, undertaking regular inspections and keeping you informed about the condition of your property. Don't forget though that all of the information you need will be available to you on your secure Landlord Dashboard - 24/7.

All fees quoted are exclusive of VAT


Management Features

See below for some of the management features we offer:

Full marketing of your property including a ‘LET ME’ board if you wish

Full marketing of your property including a ‘LET ME’ board if you wish

We register the security deposit and collect the rent on a monthly basis

We register the security deposit and collect the rent on a monthly basis

We prepare all the necessary legal documents

We prepare all the necessary legal documents

We look after all repairs and maintenance of your property

We look after all repairs and maintenance of your property

24/7 access to the Let Me landlords dashboard1

24/7 access to the Let Me landlords dashboard